Downtown Houston

Cathedral Group Officers

Secretary requires one year of sobriety and Treasurer requires two years of sobriety.

Elections are held annually in December for Secretary and Treasurer, with Treasurer election occurring every other year.

The terms of the new Officers begin immediately following election.


  • Responsible for the monthly sign-up calendars for meeting leaders and daily sign-in notebook.
  • Updates and circulates a confidential group phone list. A hardcopy is periodically circulated.
  • Chairs group conscience meetings for annual elections and as requested by any group member.
  • Posts Group Positions and maintains the Group Notebook.


  • Collects money from the meetings and maintains bank activities.
  • Responsible for making sure there are envelopes for the money in the group binder.
  • Reimburses Secretaries and Group Representatives as necessary.
  • Pays the rent for the meeting room to Christ Church Cathedral.
  • Distributes funds to the GSO, SETA, Intergroup and District.
  • Updates the group quarterly on group finances.

Assistant Treasurers (2)

  • Assistant treasurers collect money from the meetings in the absence of the Treasurer and ensure funds are delivered to the Treasurer in a timely manner.

Cathedral Group Representatives

Elections are held annualy in December for all positions with the exception of church liaisons. In order to maintain consistent relations with Christ Church Cathedral, the group maintains the liaisons as permanent unless one of the two designees requests to be released from this responsibility.

Intergroup Delegates (2)

  • Attend meetings of Intergroup Delegates every other month as a voting delegate of the group and reports back to the group on important matters.

General Service Representative (GSR) and Alternate

  • Attend quarterly meetings of the Southeast Texas Area (SETA)
  • See the handout from the Service Manual or visit for meeting information.
  • Alternate GSR attends meetings as a voting member in the absence of the GSR.

Birthday Chair

  • Responsible for birthday cake, forks, plates, and napkins on the last Friday of every month.
  • Provides birthday cards each month and circulates for people to sign.
  • Maintains board with birthday list.
  • Chairs Birthday Meeting. Selects a different leader each month to lead the meeting.
  • Recruits volunteers to assist with set up before the meeting and clean up after the meeting.

Literature and Chip Chairperson

  • Act as a liaison between the group and Houston Intergroup by completing a Group Change Form on the website.
  • Maintain supply of sobriety chips, literature, and newcomer packets.

Correctional Facility Committee Representative

  • Attends Intergroup CFC committee meetings
  • Keeps group informed of service opportunities within CFC

Grapevine Representative

  • Works with the Area Grapevine Committee to promote Grapevine awareness and subscriptions.
  • Leads a Grapevine study meeting the last Thursday of the month.

Speaker Chair

  • The group holds a speaker meeting the 1st Tuesday of every month. The Speaker Chair is responsible for lining up and introducing speakers.

Church Liaisons (2)

  • Permanent contacts between Cathedral Group and Christ Church Cathedral.
  • Communicate Church closures, room changes and other important information.